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Next Board Meeting

Dec. 9, 2019 6:30pm


ONLINE or via phone. If you wish to participate in the board meeting, please email Ross at rpmracingent@yahoo.com and he will send you the directions to join the online conference call.


Upcoming Events

73rd Annual Thanksgiving Regatta

November 29-30, 2019

Parker, AZ

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Annual General Membership Meeting

Saturday November 30, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Hopi/Mohave Room @ Blue Water Resort and Casino, Parker, AZ



Want to get involved! Consider joining the SCSC Board of Directors!

The following positions are up for re-election:



Race Secretary

Club Secretary


7th Board Member

Interested? Please contact Ross Wallach (rossdbos26@yahoo.com, 310-318-4012) or Jody Tepper (jodytepper@gmail.com, 818-321-6754)
by October 31st for more information.


A great weekend at the 2019 SCSC Lake Ming 'Shoot Out' Presented by Nick Rose Insurance, Amsoil, Jet Re-Nu, Hot Rods & Hobbies. A big thank you to all the racers and teams that showed up to support this event and to the SCSC staff and volunteers that worked hard to put it on!!

Two races left- The 2019 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker Enduro Presented by Nick Rose Insurance, Nordic & Hallett Boats, Advanced Oil Field Services, Integral Prodcucts on October 26th and the 2019 SCSC Season Championships - The Blue Water Resort & Casino 73rd Annual Thanksgiving Regatta Presented by Nick Rose Insurance on November 29 & 30. It all comes down to this final race in the 2019 SCSC Series Championship.

Overall Results - 2019 SCSC Lake Ming 'Shoot Out'

Jr. Hydro
1st - Hondo Lamar (aka Sean Davison)
2nd - Kassidy Jones
3rd - Luke Hooker
4th - Kayla Hunter

Sportsman A Hydro
1st - Andy Jones
2nd - Wesley Gildart
3rd - Casey Jones
4th - Kassidy Jones
5th - Hondo Lamar
6th - Mike Wright

Sportsman 20 Hydro
1st- Roger Hewson
2nd- Casey Wright
3rd - Tim Herman
4th - Andy Jones

Sportsman C Hydro
1st - Casey Wright
2nd - Roger Hewson
3rd - Casey Jones
4th - Kevin Curtis
5th - Wesley Gildart

Sportsman 300 Hydro
1st - Roger Hewson
2nd - Art Grunow
3rd - Mike Wright

Outlaw A Hydro
1st - Andy Jones
2nd - Casey Jones
3rd - Wesley Gildart
4th - Tim Herman

Classic Endurance
1st - Jim Best
2nd - Skip Ewing/John Best
3rd - Cole Noble
4th - Chuck Sousamian

Grand National
1st- Eric Sperry
2nd - Chuck Sousamian
3rd - Cole Noble
4th - Jim Best

Comp Jet
1st- Randall Dilworth
2nd - Vance Lund
3rd - Joe Dilworth
4th - Shirl Dickey/Scott Dayley

1st - Craig Bisseger
2nd - Casey Hoffman
3rd - Mike Purczynski
4th - Jamey Tavares
5th - Jeff Wooton
6th - Austin Kenyon
7th - Ray Schooler
8th - Samantha MacDonald
9th - Jacob Tuttle
10th - Joe Catanzarite

GPS 100
1st - Timmy Hoffman
2nd - Don Dunster
3rd - Jeff Wooton
4th - Craig Bisseger
5th - Nick Nebeker
6th - Corey Ferguson

1st- Skip Tuttle
2nd - Corey Ferguson
3rd - Dave Rankin

1st - Scott Stump/Blake Stump
2nd - Donald Doidge/Justin D'allesndro
3rd - Gary Sornborger/Valerie Campo
4th - Eric Sammons/Dino Iocovino


2019 Lake Ming Shoot-Out results are now posted in the 'Results' section!

Please click HERE to view the results directly! 


2019 Long Beach Sprint Nationals results are now posted in the 'Results' section!

Please click HERE to view the results directly! 


Updated High Points are now posted in the Results section



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